Friday, June 16, 2006

What We Bought and Where

Here's everything we ended up buying:

From Chatuchak

by Molecule, a Thai brand (500B/SGD $20)

I wondered briefly if even local brands got ripped off by the pirates, but bought 'em anyway, because it didn't look or feel half bad even if it was a rip-off. It fitted really well too, once I tried them on back at the hotel.

to add to my collection of communist kitsch

I could not resist buying a 60th Anniversary of the King's Coronation commemorative t-shirt, although again I wondered if this was a rip-off! (They wouldn't dare, would they?) The t-shirt apparently reads "I Love You, My King". I had to take the vendor's word for it.


on the back

Together, the two t-shirts came up to 450B (SGD $18).

Then, there were prezzies to be gotten for our mommas and poppas.

light cotton shirt for one Dad (150B/SGD $6)

raw cotton blouses for the two Mums (400B/SGD $16)

From Suan Lum

We found lots of fun t-shirts to buy, like these three t-shirts, for 660B (SGD $26.40).




HM bought this one under my influence, hehe, for only 180B (SGD $7.20).


(The graphic reads "White Trash Survival Guide" and shows a mullett haircut, a bumbag, a singlet, and cigarettes amongst other things.)

Then there were two t-shirts for me, for 360B (SGD $14.40).

"when I grow up....", awww

another "awwww" print

Leaving the t-shirts behind, HM found something that she had been looking for:

leather belt for 160B (SGD $6.40)

Last but not least, we managed to find some great (and inexpensive!) gifts for friends:

retro attraction, or handmade magnets, for 200B (SGD $8) in all

From Siam Discovery Centre

Loft, a chain selling all things kawaii and made of plastic, sold these:

DIY prezzies to torture your friends with, 395B (SGD $15.90)

the rear view

Incredibly, we also ended buying make-up, of all things. HM swears that certain lines of make-up are cheaper in Bangkok (not that I know enough to dispute this!).

from Watson's, of all places

Here's what they cost:
Retractable cheek brush (in silver canister) – 90B (SGD $3.60)
Maybelline Sky High Mascara – 225B (SGD $9)
L’oreal Ideal Balance foundation – 405B (SGD $16.20)
L’oreal Translucide loose powder – 351B (SGD $14.04)

From Siam Centre

HM found these at a boutique called Nana Coco:

a set of 3 bangles, for 495B (SGD $19.80)

From Siam Paragon

The only thing we could bear to buy in this ultra-upmarket shopping mecca was a little something from Conceptstore, a designer home decor store with overpriced knick knacks.

self-referential plastic ruler made from recycled materials, for 58B (SGD $2.32).

From Central Chitlom

It might seem weird to buy hair brushes and hair ties in Bangkok, but we haven't seen these British and Australian brands in Singapore:

hair taming equipment

To be precise, these cost:
Kent’s AirHedz Taming Brush – 460B (SGD $18.40)
Kent’s Smoothing and Straightening Brush – 520B (SGD $20.80)
Goody Ouchless hair ties – 210B (SGD $8.40)

From Mahboonkrong

We weren't looking to buy anything at MBK but we wanted reasonably priced apparel for a none too adventurous Dad:

from Tokyu Department Store

The 2 pairs of socks cost 110B (SGD $4.40) each while the polo t-shirt was priced at 630B (SGD $25.20).

From Jim Thompson's

We had expected to buy more here. Previously we had walked away with t-shirts, shirts and bags. This time, we were only able to find these future birthday or Christmas presents, shhhh.... :

cosmetic pouches, for 480B each (SGD $19.20)

From Naraya

This Thai company which makes products made from fabrics prides itself on affordability, a bit like the down home version of Jim Thompson. Their bags and pouches make for excellent gifts if budget is a concern. We got these from their Patpong branch:

pretty if a little twee

The damage?
Set of 3 pouches for 195B (SGD $7.90)
Tissue holder for 45B (SGD $1.80)
Pouch for 65B (SGD $2.60)
Bag for 120B (SGD $4.80)

From Doi Tung

We tend to buy coffee wherever we go...

yes, coffee from the highlands, for 175B (SGD $7.00)

From Don Muang Airport's DFS (but of course!)

Prices were slightly cheaper compared to that of Changi's. Needless to say, HM took advantage of this.

duty-free bounty

The Le Sportsac bag cost approximately SGD $128 and the Lancome sunblock was SGD $72.


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